Associate Professor   (412) 624-8632
Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh 
 Department of Chemistry
 University of Pittsburgh
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I joined the faculty at Pitt in September, 1991 and am interested in state-of-the-art teaching and research methods.  My research spans fundamental issues in Physical-Organic Chemistry (especially as related to ion-chemistry, photochemistry, and electronic structure calculations) and Analytical Mass Spectrometry (especially as related to quantitation of biologically active molecules in specific locations; novel methods of protein identification; characterization of non-covalent interactions; and trace analysis of airborne entities).  My interests in teaching include the use of the Web, technology in the classroom, Organic Chemistry (both Honors and Traditional) for  undergraduates, graduate level Physical-Organic Chemistry, and a variety of graduate-level one-credit seminar courses.  My service interests include undergraduate research, mass spectrometry, and improving teaching.

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